Chick Adoption Program

Silverudd’s Blue (Isbar) Chick

Welcome to our Chick Adoption Program!

We saw this from one of the farms we follow and we absolutely LOVED the idea and wanted to implement it on our farm.

Sometimes a chick will hatch that needs a little extra help. They may have things like spraddle leg, crooked toe, or maybe they needed some assistance to hatch. We don’t sell these chicks and we also don’t kill them (which is what would happen at a hatchery).

Instead we rehabilitate them and then offer them for adoption at no cost. The only requirement is that you have a companion for your adopted chick. We will do our best to group adoption chicks together in groups of 2 or 3, or pair a single adoption chick with a complimentary chick from us. If none of these options are possible, we ask that you ONLY adopt a chick from us if you already have chicks the same age, or if you are already purchasing chicks from us.

If you would like to be on the waitlist for adoptions, fill out the contact form below and we will email you when chicks are available!

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