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We are a family owned and operated, humane micro hatchery, specializing in rare and heritage breeds of chickens.

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We can’t wait for you to meet our sweet, beautiful birds. We have carefully selected them from high quality breeding stock to ensure you get the healthiest birds possible. We breed for health, temperament and egg color.

As of 4/3, orders for Marans and Olive Eggers are open with limited quantities. All other breeds expected to open for orders at the end of April

Black Copper Marans

Black Copper Marans

This was the first breed we chose to work with in our breeding program. Not only for their stunning egg color and wonderful temperament, but also because Alex’s dad loved them. He would drive hours away to buy the best quality Black Copper Marans chicks he could find. He was a pilot, like Alex, and he said in France when he would go out for breakfast, the menu would often have the option to add a Marans egg for $5, which he always would. He said Marans eggs were the best tasting eggs in the world, and we agree!

These birds are laid back and friendly, and the roosters are excellent at protecting their hens and making sure they take cover from predators. They will also be the first to come running when you open the coop door.
Marans have a strong foraging instinct, and therefore don’t tolerate confinement as well as our other breeds. They will thrive in a free-range setting, and it’s important to provide plenty of extra stimulation when living in an enclosed space.

Our breeding stock comes from Sage Acres Farm, Alchemist Farm and Rising Phoenix Farm. They will lay 3-4 eggs per week. We only hatch eggs that are at least a 6 on the Marans color chart, and our roosters hatched from eggs that are 9+ on the chart. This means they have the genes to lay dark eggs, but it is not a guarantee.

One thing to note is that the egg color will be darkest at the beginning of laying season and will lighten overtime.

They are a dual-purpose breed that was developed in the town of Marans, France, in the late 19th century, but didn’t become popular in the U.S. until the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

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First Generation Olive Egger

Every flock needs an Olive Egger to complete that rainbow egg basket! Our 1st generation Olive Eggers are a cross between our Black Copper Marans and our Lavender Ameraucanas. This is our first year breeding these, so we don’t have any photos. They will be black with the possibility of beards and muffs and They will be 100% olive green egg layers.e green egg layers.

They will lay 3-4 olive eggs per week.

Lavender Ameraucanas

Lavender (Self Blue) Ameraucanas

Also called Lavender Ameraucanas, these birds have the most striking smokey, blue-gray coloring and bright blue eggs! Add in muffs and beards and these birds are impossible to resist. They are a little shyer than our Marans, and won’t rush to greet you at the coop door, but if you take time to handle them, they will become comfortable with you and you’ll have a loyal friend for life. Their docile nature makes them wonderful for families with kids.

They don’t have as strong a foraging instinct as our Marans, so they will tolerate being in an enclosed run.

Not to be confused with Easter Eggers or Americanas, our birds are true Ameraucanas that come from championship lines. 

They will lay 4 gorgeous blue eggs a week during spring and summer.

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Moss Egger

We LOVE the deep greens and browns that moss eggers lay – they will add depth to your egg basket! 

They will lay 4-5 eggs per week that will range from deep greens to browns, with the possibility of speckles and heavy bloom.

Silverudd’s Blue

Silverudd’s Blue

If you love a rainbow egg basket as much as we do, then you’ll want to add these birds to your flock. They are the only pure breed of chicken that lays green eggs – all other green layers are hybrids that have been created. Not only do Silverudd’s Blue (formerly named Isbar) lay green eggs, but they also have the ability to add purple speckles over top – what a dream!

Hens will lay 5-6 eggs per week during spring and summer, and will continue to lay year-round if the right conditions are provided.

They are prolific layers of beautiful eggs AND they are also sweet, docile birds that you will love to be around.

They are wonderful foragers if allowed to free range, so their feed to egg ratio is low.

These beauties come in three feather colors: blue, black and splash. We have all 3 in our flock, with back being the rarest, so if you have a color preference, let us know at checkout and we will do our best to accommodate your request!



If you love speckled eggs, then the Welsummers will be the perfect addition to your flock! Plus, they are incredibly sweet and docile birds that you will love having in your family. Our line comes from a breeder with heavy speckling and each bird lays a unique pattern that lasts for the duration of her laying life. Their speckling also makes them a great base for an olive egger project – in fact, that’s how I first learned about them!

Laying over 250 eggs per year (5-6 eggs per week), wellies can compete with the egg laying ability of a Rhode Island Red or Leghorn, while having a gentle personality that you’ll enjoy being around.