Individual Black Copper Marans Hatching Eggs

Individual Black Copper Marans Hatching Eggs


This was the first breed we chose to work with in our breeding program. Not only for their stunning egg color and wonderful temperament, but also because Alex’s dad loved them. He would drive hours away to buy the best quality Black Copper Marans chicks he could find. He was a pilot, like Alex, and he said in France when he would go out for breakfast, the menu would often have the option to add a Marans egg for $5, which he always would. He said Marans eggs were the best tasting eggs in the world, and we agree!

These birds are laid back and friendly, and the roosters are excellent at protecting their hens and making sure they take cover from predators. They will also be the first to come running when you open the coop door.

Marans have a strong foraging instinct, and therefore don’t tolerate confinement as well as our other breeds. They will thrive in a free-range setting, and it’s important to provide plenty of extra stimulation when living in an enclosed space.

Our breeding stock comes from Sage Acres Farm, Alchemist Farm and Rising Phoenix Farm. They will lay 3-4 eggs per week. We only hatch eggs that are at least a 6 on the Marans color chart, and our roosters hatched from eggs that are 9+ on the chart. This means they have the genes to lay dark eggs, but it is not a guarantee.

One thing to note is that the egg color will be darkest at the beginning of laying season and will lighten overtime.

They are a dual-purpose breed that was developed in the town of Marans, France, in the late 19th century, but didn’t become popular in the U.S. until the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

About Our Hatching Eggs

  • Eggs are no more than 6 days old for local pickup.
  • We check for fertilization weekly to ensure you are getting fertilized eggs.
  • We cannot guarantee hatch rate


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