Individual Silverudd’s Blue Hatching Eggs

Individual Silverudd’s Blue Hatching Eggs


If you love a rainbow egg basket as much as we do, then you’ll want to add these birds to your flock. They are the only pure breed of chicken that lays green eggs – all other green layers are hybrids that have been created. Not only does the Isbar (recently renamed Silverudd’s Blue) lay green eggs, but they also have the ability to add purple speckles over top – what a dream!

Hens will lay 5-6 eggs per week during spring and summer, and will continue to lay year-round if the right conditions are provided.

Not only are they prolific layers of beautiful eggs, they are also sweet, docile birds that you will love to be around.

They are wonderful foragers if allowed to free range, so their feed to egg ratio is low.

These beauties come in three feather colors: blue, black and splash. We have all 3 in our flock, with back being the rarest, so if you have a color preference, let us know at checkout and we will do our best to accommodate your request!

About Our Hatching Eggs

  • Eggs are no more than 6 days old for local pickup.
  • We check for fertilization weekly to ensure you are getting fertilized eggs.
  • We cannot guarantee hatch rate

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