Individual Welsummer Hatching Eggs

Individual Welsummer Hatching Eggs


If you love speckled eggs, then the Welsummers will be the perfect addition to your flock! Plus, they are incredibly sweet and docile birds that you will love having in your family. Our line comes from a breeder with heavy speckling and each bird lays a unique pattern that lasts for the duration of her laying life.  Their speckling also makes them a great base for an olive egger project – in fact, that’s how I first learned about them!

Laying over 250 eggs per year (5-6 eggs per week), Wellies can compete with the egg laying ability of a Rhode Island Red or Leghorn, while having a gentle personality that you’ll enjoy being around.

About Our Hatching Eggs

  • Eggs are no more than 6 days old for local pickup.
  • We check for fertilization weekly to ensure you are getting fertilized eggs.
  • We cannot guarantee hatch rate

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