Lavender (Self Blue) Ameraucana Day Old Chicks

Lavender (Self Blue) Ameraucana Day Old Chicks


Also called Lavender Ameraucanas, these birds have the most striking smokey, blue-gray coloring and bright blue eggs! Add in muffs and beards and these birds are impossible to resist. They are a little shyer than our Marans, and won’t rush to greet you at the coop door, but if you take time to handle them, they will become comfortable with you and you’ll have a loyal friend for life.  Their docile nature makes them wonderful for families with kids.

They don’t have as strong a foraging instinct as our Marans, so they will tolerate being in an enclosed run.

Not to be confused with Easter Eggers or Americanas, our birds are true Ameraucanas that come from championship lines.

They will lay 4 gorgeous blue eggs a week during spring and summer.

About our chicks

  • We breed for health, temperament, egg color and SOP.
  • Chicks are available for local pickup ONLY in Newcastle, CA
  • We will contact you about a week in advance of your pickup date to arrange pickup details.
  • All chicks are straight run aka unsexed, which means they may be male or female (on average, chicks hatch in a 50/50 split).

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